SONIFI Health provides your hospital with patient engagement applications that reduce spending and generate revenue that can exceed the cost of the system.

Automating Tasks

SONIFI Health can help eliminate the time staff spends on many manual tasks allowing them to focus on critical activities that affect the patients outcomes and satisfaction. Automated tasks include patient education, meal ordering, surveys, discharge management, pain assessment, entertainment management and more.

Hospitals also save time and reduce costs by automating meal ordering features. SONIFI eliminates the need to create, print, distribute and then collect paper menus multiple times per day. Allowing patients to order their meals through the interactive care system reduces labor hours previously dedicated to manually verifying dietary restrictions or typing handwritten meal orders into computerized dietary systems.

Time studies have shown that the average size hospital can save between $3 and $7 per discharged patient depending on the length of stay and current meal ordering processes. In most cases, these savings exceed operating costs for the SONIFI Interactive Patient Care system by about 40% before entertainment licensing and by about 20% with the entertainment features like movies, games and music if utilization of the product reaches 25%.


Reducing Readmissions & Inpatient Injury

SONIFI education and engagement tools make is easy for patients to be more active in their care so they are more likely to make healthy lifestyle choices, participate in follow up care, and exhibit greater medication compliance. These patients are also less likely to suffer from preventable readmissions or inpatient injury.


Give time back to nurses

Automated features include meal ordering, questionnaires, discharge management, pain assessment, entertainment and more. These methods have proven highly effective in eliminating manual activities for nurses. This in turn increases time nurses can devote to direct patient care which improves patient satisfaction and outcomes.


Reduce printing costs

Printing costs for admit packages, channel lineups, menus and other information provided to patient and family members are a real cost for hospitals. Combine the cost to print the materials with the on-going challenge of keeping printed material current and distributed within the facility and you have a real financial and operational opportunity. NorthShore University Health System saves over $200,000 annually on printing costs alone (not including labor savings) across three hospitals by simply moving the bulk of the admit package from print to digital delivery through the interactive care system. The information on the interactive care system can be updated in real time eliminating the need to manually edit existing print material or throw out old material because of changes. In addition, their use of the interactive care system supports the organizations ‘green’ initiatives reducing the amount of paper being used by the health system.

The $200,000+ savings across 40,380 discharges is a savings of nearly $5 per discharged patient each year. The savings exceeds NorthShore’s operating costs for the interactive patient care system by about 40% without entertainment licensing and by about 15% with the entertainment features like movies, games and music.


Promoting other hospital services

SONIFI lets you easily promote additional hospital and health system services. Additional services include rehabilitation centers, pharmacies, sleep clinics, outpatient services and any other services the hospital chooses to promote.

The SONIFI patient system can be used to acknowledge a foundation or individual donors who sponsor elements of the system like on-demand movies. In addition, the interactive system can be used to replace expensive and labor-intensive print materials that are placed in the patient room.

Outpatient Pharmacy revenue alone can cover the costs of the patient engagement system. Patients leave the hospital with roughly 6-12 prescriptions that need to be filled at an average price of $69 each. If a 200-bed hospital with 10,000 discharges per year could encourage 25% of their patients to use the hospital outpatient pharmacy, the additional revenue exceeds $1.5 million. Even an incremental increase to outpatient pharmacy use by 5% would increase revenue by $300,000 and more than cover the purchase price and operation costs of the interactive patient care system that can automate the medication education and prescription fulfillment requests. The opportunity to educate patients about their new medications before they leave and then send them home with those medications from the hospital pharmacy provides additional revenue while helping reduce pharmaceutical non-compliance readmissions.


Sponsorship opportunities

The SONIFI patient system can acknowledge a foundation or individual donors who sponsor elements of the system like On Demand movies. This allows you to easily supplement or the cost of providing patient engagement services and entertainment. SONIFI clients use sponsors from several industries such as Best Buy, Hawaiian Air and others.