SONIFI Health delivers interactive technology proven to improve patient experience, health outcomes and hospital productivity. SONIFI Health provides interactive services to over 30,000 rooms across 130 hospitals throughout the United States. Hospitals partner with SONIFI Health because of our vast engagement and integration expertise.


Our interactive patient engagement technology inspires active patient participation along the care continuum for positive behavior change and improved outcomes. We deliver solutions across multiple technology platforms including mobile devices, computers and televisions at the bedside and in the home creating compelling patient and family experiences while increasing hospital operational efficiencies.


SONIFI Health’s integrated system allows patients to view assigned educational content, complete questionnaires, order meals, access their schedules, engage in positive distraction and entertainment tools, adjust temperature controls, and interact with care teams. Administrative dashboards and reports offer centralized visibility of patient participation. Care providers can efficiently identify patient needs and risks staying more connected with their patients whether they are in-facility or at home.